7 Steps To Forging A New Path

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Leading others requires an ability to connect with the hearts and minds of team members. Inevitably, there will be challenging relationships and rough interpersonal dynamics. As luck would have it, there’s always that one person on the team with whom you struggle to establish a trusting connection. No surprise, we are perfectly imperfect human beings! […]


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Deflecting blocks introspection, keeps you broken AND ineffective. Don’t diminish your success. OWN every shortcoming, misstep, mistake, and judgment error. Understand and learn; retool and reposition. Embrace a renewed heart and mind. Move forward with an even greater sense of purpose.       ©2016 Amplify Partners, LLC. All rights reserved.

Employees Make the Brand!

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Companies commit significant time and resources into articulating their brands for the marketplace. I really look forward to Forbes annual “Most Valuable Brands” list http://www.forbes.com/powerful-brands/list/.  In most cases, its easy to surmise which brands will make the list. These Companies are dogmatic about their strategies, products and consumer experience. Many keep us excited about what’s to […]

10, 9, 8…Here We Go!

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As we are counting down to the New Year and relishing in those moments of deep introspection, consider your leadership disposition. Get clear about what you must do to be a better leader. There are a multitude of actions one can take to improve. Engage human resources or talent development specialists for developmental recommendations specific […]