10, 9, 8…Here We Go!

As we are counting down to the New Year and relishing in those moments of deep introspection, consider your leadership disposition. Get clear about what you must do to be a better leader. There are a multitude of actions one can take to improve. Engage human resources or talent development specialists for developmental recommendations specific to your needs. Commit to action. Create opportunities to understand what’s working, what’s not working, and why (inc.com).

10 Development Ideas For Improving YOUR Leadership

  1. Rethink your team interactions. Seek opportunities to develop, inform, build trust, collaborate, and celebrate team members. 
  1. Broaden your relationships and network to include people 2-3 levels below or above you that are more inclined to tell you the unadulterated truth. Brace yourself for what you might learn. But know this – it takes courage to hear what others think about your leadership and for you to act on the learning. Go for it!
  1. Deal with those life issues that are ailing you. There’s a spillover affect that becomes a distraction and compromises your effectiveness. Commit to counseling if needed.
  1. Establish metrics on how you will improve the diversity and inclusion on your team. Deal with your own biases that are inhibiting progress in this area. Conscious or unconscious, we all have them. The social ills of our world don’t stop at the office entrance. Engage HR/People resources. Challenge them to challenge your leadership (hbr.org).
  1. Mentoring is the gift that keeps giving. You develop meaningful relationships that often last a lifetime while sharing your experience insights and skills to the benefit of another. This process yields a treat to the Mentor: actively learning and honing your skills. Mentoring is an important role (forbes.com). Be sure you are up to the task before committing.
  1. Determine if you would benefit from having a mentor (management-mentors.com).
  1. Leverage formal tools to enhance your self-awareness and gain relevant insights about your modus operandi. With the appropriate guidance these resources can be helpful: Multi-Rater Feedback Surveys and Personality Assessments (i.e., Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Predictive Index, DiSC Profiles, Personalysis Profile…).
  1. Broaden your reading list to include books, articles, websites that challenge and inform. The Leadership Challenge 5th Edition, Kouzes & Posner is an excellent book with practical insights.
  1. Lend your talents to nonprofit organization(s) with the aim of contributing your knowledge and skills while enhancing your leadership disposition (blueavocado.org).
  1. Participate in formal leadership development experiences like forums, conferences, webinars, seminars, and course work. Don’t rule out the possibility of engaging a Coach.

A toast to leaders leading and the best getting better!