Success Partner-Coach Program©

Almost 30 years after the Department of Labor published “The Glass Ceiling Initiative” organizations are still struggling with hiring, promoting and retaining minorities & women at management, senior and executive levels. As recent as 2014, the world was given a view of the challenge when Tech companies publicized their employee demographics. The absence of minorities was so profound it created a revival of sorts – a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion as a business imperative.

Amplify Partners, LLC is committed to creating success stories for diverse hires & Employers. We provide the muscle enabling Employers to move beyond the barriers associated with developing & retaining diverse talent. Concurrently, we are helping people live their goals of thriving careers in Organizations where their talents are leveraged.  shutterstock_239157490-2

We took our 30 years of corporate experience as talent, people and process experts and created a powerful resource in The Success Partner-Coach Program©. The power behind SPCP© is our proven methods gleaned from our experience as Leaders, Consultants & HR Practitioners in retaining & developing diverse talent, as well as, our personal experiences. The Success Partner-Coach Program© was developed from an Organization AND Client perspective. The Success Partner-Coach Program© helps to operationalize your organization’s diversity and inclusion vision and strategies.

Return on Investment

Unlike other people-centered programs where it’s challenging to quantify the return on investment, SPCP© aligns with performance metrics associated with: innovation, talent management, talent development, and culture . . . The Success Partner-Coach Program©

  • Adds diverse talent to the pipeline as successors for critical & leadership roles.
  • Improves retention & decreases turnover of diverse employees.
  • The win/win outcomes create favorable PR & employment brand narratives.
  • Improved organization culture, team dynamics, products & services as diversity in thinking is normalized.
  • Clarifies the path for new hires to successfully use their voices as early as their first 90 days.



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