Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leaders Are Your Most Valued Asset

We know that inclusive leaders have a positive affect on retention and the employee experience. For leaders to engage their workforce to deliver maximum value, they must learn how to fully utilize the talent of all employees. Deloitte quantifies the “long shadow” of inclusive leaders as driving up the percentage of employees that feel valued versus those that do not by 70%. In the same study, inclusive leaders improved team performance by 17%.

In addition to building trusting relationships, inclusive leaders tend to be adept at collaborating, managing change, and listening for understanding. They are also profoundly self-aware, curious, and demonstrate high degrees of self-control. Inclusive leaders operate at the higher end of the cultural intelligence scale. In the webinar “Coaching To Support Diversity & Inclusion,” our Principal & Chief Talent Officer, June Stewart discusses the impact and success our clients are having as they invest in growing people leaders’ capabilities. The correlation between improved employee retention, employee satisfaction, organization performance, and culture is palpable all the way to your bottom line.