Top Coaches Reflect & Share Tips…?

The truth is none of us started where we are.  With every experience and interaction we mature, evolve, and transform. Top Coaches share personal reflections they wished they’d known sooner in their careers and tips on reducing workplace stress. We’re delighted that our Principal, June Stewart joined the discussion. Coaches Share 8 Tips They Wish […]

June Stewart of Amplify Partners, LLC accepted into Forbes Coaches Council

June Stewart, Principal and Chief Talent Officer, with Amplify Partners, LLC ( a boutique management consulting practice based in Ohio, has been accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches. June Stewart joins other Forbes Coaches Council members, who are hand-selected, to become part of a curated network of successful […]

Maintain Your Bounce

How is it that some people suffer hardships, setbacks, and difficulties and not waver? That colleague who isn’t able to regain their confidence after a job loss or hearing contrary feedback. Friends who avoid relationships after a betrayal of trust or can’t bring themselves to love again after a divorce. “More than education, more than experience, […]

Your Vision Really Is Relevant!

With the end in mind, I created my personal vision statement. I had no idea how meaningful this would be. This vision statement is my north star, guiding and inspiring the direction for my life; defining success for me, and keeping me intentional and on purpose. Having this statement to reference has been invaluable in […]

The Cs In SuCCess

. . . Heart and Hard Work All too often, we bare witness to people washing-out simply because they didn’t spend enough time on their personal foundation. Or as I like to say, they had a lapse of judgment that was rooted in a character flaw. The hard truth is it takes more than degrees, certificates, […]

  Thank you OSU Fisher College of Business Black MBA Association for the invitation to present as a part of the annual LEGENDS LECTURE series. Having the opportunity to interact and dialogue with the next generation of world leaders is priceless and one that I cherish. ? “Competence is the price of admission, but only half of the ticket. Equally important […]

Boost Your Career Now!

With the many advances in technology & productivity tools, there remains 24 hours in a day – that’s it! “I’m so busy, blah, blah, blah…” The question: Are you busy with busywork or is your busyness adding value and getting results that matter? “How To Stop Busywork From Holding Back Your Career Progress” emphasizes the […]