Amplify Partners, LLC — New Leader Assimilation

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The New Leader Assimilation process has long been used as a powerful tool to jump start new leaders, managers and executives during their first 90 days. Enabling a new leaders success is a hallmark of any organization concerned about talent retention and development. This facilitated process involves the new leader and their direct reports. As objective, trustworthy, experienced Facilitators, we offer a robust process that includes 4 steps. After meeting with the leader to determine the question set for the session, the:

Step 1: Facilitator meets with the team without the leader and gets their response to the pre-established questions that include:

  • What do we know about our new Manager?
  • What are some things we would like to know?
  • What do we need or want most from the new Manager?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing this team?

Step 2: Facilitator meets 1:1 with the leader and provides a briefing of the responses to the pre-established questions and helps the leader prepare a response.

Step 3: Full team meets to hear the leader’s thoughts/response to the new learning and to align on appropriate next steps.

Step 4: Leader takes ownership for implementation and follow-up.

Outcomes of the New Leader Assimilation

  • Shorter time frame for relationship building between the leader and team members.
  • Provides the team a deeper understanding their new leader in terms of
    • Communication & Leadership Style
    • Values, Expectations & Preferences
  • Establishes a climate of openness and willingness to deal with issues
  • Identification of critical issues and major challenges facing the team
  • Creates a foundation for problem solving as team
  • Positively influences the forming and norming stage of the team’s development
  • Provides the leader with data that informs their organization plan/strategy
  • For leaders new to a company, the experience highlights cultural norms enabling early wins and long-term success.

New Leader Assimilation shortens the timeline for leaders to get acclimated to their team, role, and company. It facilitates real conversation between the team and leader around what’s working, what’s not and helps inform the leaders’ path to next.

Our Principal, June Stewart, shares her personal experience with New Leader Assimilations, “I’ve used this process for nearly 30 years – as a facilitator and new leader. It consistently proves to be one of the most important actions to take during your first 90 days. You quickly get to the business of connecting with team members; deepens your understanding of the company & team culture and how you will need to adapt; as well as,  informs your priorities and plans.”  New Leader Assimilation is a wise investment of a half-day for any organization wanting to actively support the success of their new leaders, managers, and executives.