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You’ve been planning to fill this critical job opening for at least 2 years. Whoever takes this job will be a key player in transforming the organization culture and leading the initiatives essential for the organization to thrive over the next few years. The weight of this decision is real and one that you aren’t taking […]

Transforming The Customer Experience

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Organizations that aren’t making intentional efforts to affect their customers’ experience are missing opportunities to grow and drive earnings. The truth is customer experience work requires vision and transformational leadership. McKinsey does a really good job in offering guidance and insights into the journey. The info graphics and video clips are spot on. Vision, patience, […]

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Your vision & mission is the true north intended to guide you in living on purpose. Be determined & courageous. Put in the work! Olympians offer excellent real life examples of people “putting in the work”… #goforthegold    


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Let’s be absolutely honest, everyone likes to look and feel good. Our standards of beauty may not be the same. But that has little to do with liking, no LOVING what’s looking back at you in the mirror. Feeling good emotionally and physically influences the quality of our lives. If you’ve ever been ill, had a health crisis, […]

Organization Challenges to Diversity & Inclusion

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The social ills that plague our country and world are alive and well within our organizations. Contrary to what some would like to believe, people’s preconceptions come with them to work.  In fact, almost 30 years after the Department of Labor published The Glass Ceiling Initiative, organizations are grappling with hiring, promoting and retaining minorities & women at management, […]


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Before a dream is realized, everything that was learned along the way is tested. This happens so that, in addition to realizing our dreams, we master the lessons we’ve learned as we moved toward the dream. This is where many people give up. Stay the course.  Every search begins with the beginner’s luck. And every search ends […]

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Be discerning about who’s allowed a seat in your inner court — that place closest to your heart. These are the people you allow to influence your decisions and actions. These are the folks from whom you seek guidance and sometimes validation. These are the voices of wisdom, judgment and input you consider as viable as […]

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Free yourself to experience rejection as life’s way of helping us sort out where, what and with whom we no longer need to waste our time.   Next!