The Culture Equation

An organization’s culture is a reflection of the behaviors exhibited by its employees. People get their cues of acceptable and revered behaviors from those with the strongest organization presence. Who would that be? They are the decision makers, the communicators of decisions, the influencers of strategy and policies. Some of those folks have titles like executive, leader, and manager. And some don’t.

It’s not enough to have a set of organization values nicely framed and frequently articulated. Intention and accountability are essential to mobilizing your organizational culture. Keep your eye on how people are living those values in their daily unceremonious interactions.  Remember: Employees hear what you say and mimic what you do. 

If you really want the organization values to be more than aspirational, take a hard look at the behaviors of those entrusted to lead.

Here’s a great clip from Strategy & Business: What Is Corporate Culture?


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